GreedButt offers a web interface to The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth daily challenge leaderboards with historical scores and players data, statistics, player profiles, follow/hero list and some form of cheat detection.

The leaderboards update every 12 minutes with an extra update 5 minutes after the new daily rolls, plus another one at 12pm GMT+1 for "yesterday's" daily rankings.
Player profiles are updated once every hour, as long as the player has played a daily in the last week and their profile hasn't been updated in the last 24 hours.

Player bans are handled in a three-strikes rule fashion: scores will be hidden and ignored towards global and individual statistics the first two times, allowing the player to redeem himself and compete cleanly. Once caught red handed for the third time, he will be permanently marked and all his subsequent scores will be hidden from the leaderboards. Beware! Being caught playing on alt. accounts will get you banned instantly.

At times the rankings will be recomputed in order to rid them of the (previously) uncaught cheaters, so you might see your percentile get better over time, while more and more cheaters get their past scores invalidated. You will notice when that happens because GreedButt will become very unresponsive for a short period of time.

All-time rankings are recomputed once a day and are only valid for players who have participated in at least ten dailies in the last 3 months.

While this site offers both manual and automatic cheat detection it is not foolproof. You can always reach me on twitter to either dispute a decision or a score - don't worry, I don't bite. is a joint effort by BLueBLue, Elucidate and europa. Christmas graphic courtesy of Connie Daidone. All the Isaac-related artworks are properties of Edmund McMillen and Nicalis, Inc., neither are affiliated with this site (although they don't dislike it!)

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